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Email solutions

E-mail solutions

We provide different mail solutions which are explained below

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Cloud mail solutions provide remarkable benefits to different sizes of companies. An effective and credible business email service gives you scope to focus on your business. So you don’t have to worry about that how to effectively manage your email system. We provide you a reliable and dedicated cloud based email solution for which you don’t require any expensive complex software or hardware. We provide you email service through which you can send and receive email, sync with Outlookand connect to your business only with the help of Internet connection.

Why you should use cloud mail solutions?

  • Easy recovery:Imagine a situation, if your internal network get damaged then every single data residing in your emails is also in danger or at risk. Think about every file, data, information or contract agreement that’s residing in your email archives at this moment, and then imagine how terribly your business would be impacted as you will loss all your crucial information.
    No need to worry because with the help of cloud email, problems with hardware really does not matter with respect to email. If your laptop crashes, there is no issue as all your mails are stored safely in the cloud
  • Collaboration and anywhere access: Cloud mail helps you to access your work from different devices.
  • No Server Maintenance: Servers which are used in organizations are very expensive, critical, complex and need updation probably every other minute. Instead of using server-based email if you use cloud email then this portion of your IT costs will move from variable to fix.Hence, it will become easier for you.
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In more recent years the concept of hybrid mail services has begun to take off. Let us take a broad look at hybrid mail services and understand this concept clearly.

Why you should use cloud mail solutions?

Hybrid mail is a service which allow users to send any mail electronically to their service providers mailing house. After that when that particular mail will be received by provider then they will print it physically, pack it and then finally posts itto desired location as mentioned by the user when they sent it electronically.

How hybrid mail service work:

Hybrid mail service is a mixture of traditional and electronic processes. It is very easy to use. You have to follow these simple steps in order to print and post your desired documents

  • Upload your desired document which you want to print and post.
  • Preview your pages
  • Check your recipients to whom you want to send the particular documents.
  • Now order, you can choose black and white or color print, also you can select delivery option that are first or second class delivery

For this you have to select yourhybrid mail service provider who can easily transform your desired documents into secure print and post those documents.

It is now necessary to archive your email with the help of a secure archiving solution because email has now become main means of communication for all kind of businesses.

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We help you to easily archive your emails and find important email data whenever you need it.

What is email archiving?

Email archiving is a means to protect and save the data or information contained in an email messages, so that we can retrieve it very quickly whenever we need it. As sending an email or receiving an email which contains the data within an organization forms the backbone of any business now a days. Hence, email archiving protects these data very easily and makes your work simple and easy.

All the activities of sending and receiving of email which takes place in an organization are stored in a secure repository. This repository actually resides outside of the production environments. Now incoming and outgoing email messages are indexed, including any attached document with it. All the contents these email are maintained and stored in their original form in read-only format.

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This is a server which is dedicated for sending and receiving mails. It can be used for integrating with all of the common e-mail protocols like POP3, SMTP etc. and other software. It provides certain functionalities like filtration of spam, web based email access, scans viruses, forward email, updates automatically, reduces power consumption etc.


A process through which two or more computers are connected together so that they will behave like a single computer is referred to as clustering. Basically it is used for load balancing and parallel processing.

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