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Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus

We provide several kind of data and information protection solutions which are explained below

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We provide managed antivirus solution which helps in ensuring that systems are more secure.

What is managed antivirus?

Now many people are familiar with the term ‘antivirus’. There is basically two type of antivirus, namely managed and unmanaged antivirus. Companies take a monthly or yearly subscription of antivirus by paying some charges. By subscribing, the company that created the program will update virus databases frequently, allowing scanners to identify viruses during a computer scan.

This type of antivirus software is often referred to as unmanaged as the end-user has the ability to deny updates, turn off the scanner, or uninstall it. They can also ignore the “definition update” request, hence antivirus will become out of date and not protect against the latest threats.

On the other hand, managed antivirus provides a central way of managing all these software issues. As managed antivirus solution is provided by IT partners who take care of installing the software on computers and other devices, and will then manage the solution. They can handle installing the software and managing updates. They will also block the uninstallation of the program.

Advantages of managed antivirus:

  • There is no opportunity for an infringement: Users cannot disable the software and also they cannot turn off the software. As they will not have the permissions to do this because it is all managed by the IT staff.
  • Easy to manage : Managing your antivirus solution can be a tough especially if you have to install software on end number of computers manually, it may take hours or days which is time consuming. Imagine if you have to do this every year. With managed antivirus, protection can be deployed to all computers on a network from one central support. Hence, by working with an IT partner, your antivirus solutions are managed by tech experts.
  • Management is constant and regular: Managed antivirus solutions usually can’t be uninstalled or turned off, meaning your systems are continually protected.
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We also provide data leak prevention software which help enterprises to secure their data and information. In today’s growing world, the volume of data contained in an enterprise is increasing day by day. As a result of which enterprises’ contains end number of confidential and sensitive data which need to be secured.

Data Leakage :

Basically data leakage means unauthorized transferring of data or classified information to an external from within an organization. Simply we can say unwittingly disclosing sensitive data to the unauthorized person

What actually data leak prevention is:

DPL is a strategy to make sure that end users should not send sensitive data or critical information outside the company’s network. It helps network administrator to control what data end users can transfer from the company’s network to the outside network by either malicious intent or an unintentionally. Data leak prevention software is designed to monitor and detect leakage of data also prevent the loss of data.

Business benefits of data leak prevention:

  • To know where your data is: In an organization there are end numbers of data. It is very difficult to search or remember where the actual data resides, which makes our task complex. Data leak prevention helps to overcome this problem by scanning known data repositories, monitoring the network to see who is sending the data and receiving it, and scanning employee laptops and desktops to check who contains copy on their hard drive.
  • To know where your data is going: In an organization information are shared and move continuously or constantly. Data leak prevention helps in keeping track of where data is actually going.
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As you know USB devices and external storage devices are very useful tools to back up your data and to transport files from one computer to other. It may contains lots of useful and confidential information about your company.

Many people handle these devices very carelessly which ultimately leads to misuse of data.Even if you consider yourself a veryresponsible andcareful person who will never do such thing, then also providing encryption to your external storage devices is the best way to ensure that your data will be not misused neither it will fall into the wrong hands.



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