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VSAT means Very Small Aperture Terminals

It is a satellite communications system which basically serves home as well as business users.A VSAT end user require a box which act as an interfacewith a transceiver between the user computer and an outside antenna. Then the transceiver in the sky sends or receives a signal to the satellite transponder. The satellite now sends and receives signals from an earth station computer,whichactually acts as a hub for the system. As a result each and every end user will be interconnected together with the hub station through the satellite to form a star topology.

Advantages of VSAT:

  • Mobile accessibility : Mobile accessibility is one of the traditional strength of a satellite network. This enables TV broadcasters to broadcasts from anywhere, even if they are on the move.
  • Accessibility in remote locations : Accessibility in remote locations is also one ofthe traditional strength of a satellite network. It is possible with A VSAT network to carry data as well as other sensitive applications such asvoice and video.
  • Allocating bandwidth : With VSAT you can allocate as well as restrict bandwidth based on individual applications. This is also a very important feature for business communications.


Load balancing should be implemented by those companies whose websites on the internet faces extreme deal of traffic on regular basis.

What does load balancing stands for?

Load balancing means distributing the amount of work between several computers so that lots of work can be performed simultaneously leading to division of work load, hence, work performed faster. Load balancing actually distribute the network traffic coming between a group of back-end servers ultimately increase performance.

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Load balancer work is to sit in front of the server and route all of the client or customer request to those servers which will be capable to fulfill those requests. Load balancer route the request in such a manner that speed will be maximum also there will be no workload on one particular server, which can impact and decrease performance level. In case there will be single server downtime, the load balancer can redirects traffic to the other online servers which are left over. Similarly, if any new server will be added to the server group, then the load balancer starts sending requests to itautomatically.

Functionality performed by load balancer:

  • Distribution of network load or client requests very quickly across different servers.
  • It ensures high availability and accessibility by sending requests to only those servers which are online.
  • According to the demand we can add or subtract servers.

Load Balancing Algorithms:

With the help of the load balancing algorithm used it can be determined that which of the servers on the backend need to be selected. Some of the commonly used load balancing algorithms are as follow:

  • Round Robin:In this servers will be selected in a sequential manner. It follows the rule i.e. first in first selected, so the first server in the list will be selected by the load balancer for the first request, then move down the list sequentially.
  • Least Connections: In this the server with the least connections will be selected by the load balancer and then it will be recommended at the time when traffic results in lengthy sessions.
  • Source: In this server will be selected to use depending upon a hash of request’s (source) IP address, like visitor’s IP address. This method is useful in ensuring that a particular user will consistently get connected to the same server.


As you know that staying fail safe which means integrating some attribute or feature for positively counteracting the effect of an expected possible source of failure is important.

We ensure you that we will provide a fail-safe design feature for internet. A fail-safeis a design feature that so that if in the event of a specific or special type of failure, responds in such a way that will cause no or minimum harm to the other equipment, people or the environment.

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