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UPS Solution

UPS Solution

We ensure our customer will get dedicated power supply

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In today’s 24*7 on demand world, every business systems should be available almost all the time i.e. 100% of the time. It means system downtime will not be tolerated at any cost, hence now here UPS comes in the picture and it can assist effectively. We will provide you the UPS which is short for the Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions with excellent service and also ensure our UPS power supplies will bealways ON for you, so that you will not face any interruption.


Network redundancy is a technique through which additional network devices and communication mediums are added means installed within the network infrastructure. This technique will ensure network availability if in case of a network device or path failure and unavailability.

Now a day’s networks are very high tech and almost every time it is also high speed. Usually its very common to most WAN designs is the need for the backup in order to take over in case if there will be any type of failure occur to your main link.

So, simply we can understand it as if there will be a single point of failure and unfortunately it will fail the network, then there will be nothing to rely on.

Web Application Development
Web Application Development


Let us understand what isolated power supply is:

Electronic or magnetic separation which occurs between two circuits which is usually used for separating two different sections of a power supply is referred to as isolation. Hence, in case of any event or component failure the isolation provides or form a barrier through which dangerous voltages will not pass at all. So, this barrier actually ensures that all of the available electrical equipment is totally safe by preventing fire risk or electric shock. Isolated power supplyalso breaks the ground loops and hence, eliminatesalmost all the noise in the electrical systems.

Isolated power supply provides:

  • Safety: Actually electronic power supplies usually process dangerous voltages which is having low impedances. Hence, isolation is commonly required for preventing the contact of operator with dangerous voltages. The transformers which are used within power supplies properly functions as a safety isolation transformer.
  • Voltage/Potential level shifting: Power supply must be designed in a way that it may often accommodate all the loads at different potential voltages compared to the source. Hence, isolation is usually required in order to achieve the potential level shifting.
  • Obtain multiple output converters : As the transformer possess isolating characteristics it would also allow the design of power supplies with multiple outputs which can be achieved by adding windings to the transformer along with filter components.



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