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Point To Point Solution


We ensure our customer will get dedicated, very high speed data connectivity and internet service.

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We will provide you PTP RF links solutions as you know that one of the most common type connection is point to point connection. We provide both design and implementation or point to point RF links.

Why we need PTP networks?

Using wireless i.e. RF technology to establish or create a data link between two and exactly two location, not more than that is referred to as point to point (PTP) RF data networking. PTP wireless data networks actually require very high data throughput if the distance is long.

Point to pointwireless data links actually does not require a lot in the way of the network services. As a result of which, PTP wireless devices basically operate as simple bridges which connect two devices and always leave services like traffic handling and routingto those networks from which they are connecting. Hence we can say that, a PTP wireless data link acts as an invisible “wire” which joinsexactly two data network devices. This means using wireless PTP technology we can easily connect the computers with each other even though they are separated by many kilometers.


We also provide you Fiber links solutions as you know that it is also one of the most common type of connection.

Fiber links stands for:

Transmitting the desired information along a fiber as light pulses is referred to as fiber optics or fiber links. They are commonly used in computer networking due to the ability of optical fiber to transmit data easily and also provides high bandwidth.


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Benefits of using fiber links

  • You can transmit datain long distance
  • It is of small size
  • You will get unlimited bandwidth
  • Its weight is too low
  • Your transmission will be secured


We will give you virtual private network in order to provide you secured internet connection.

Virtual private network stands for:

A technology which allows to establish a safe connection over a less secure network like internet in an encrypted form is referred to as virtual private network. It allows remote users and branch offices to access applications and other different resources in a secured manner. To ensure safety virtual private network users shouldfollow authentication processas it is mandatory which includes passwords and other unique identification rules in order to gain access to the virtual private network.

Web Application Development
Web Application Development


A point-to-point leased circuit enables you to connect two sites together over a secured and dedicated line. Hence, with this you can extend your business network across two or more locations with the help of fast data transfer in a secured manner. We will provide you this facility also so that you will get larger bandwidth.



About us

Astek Networking & solution was established in 1996 as computer hardware vendor in Agra.

Adapting changes in IT word and requirements we keep on upgrading our solution basket & in year 2002 we quit completely from PC Business & convert into a 100% solution based company.

Since then, we have been catering to the ever-increasing demand of quality network communication products & services, Server infrastructure, Internet security, and various IT solutions in Agra.

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