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STR Cabling Solution

STR Cabling Solution

We provied the following STR Cabling Solution.

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One of the most important backbone of a communication system is structured cabling. We understand the complexity level involved in installation, planning and maintenance of network communication systems. Hence, our expertise make it easier for you. We assure that no matter how complex your telecommunications infrastructure is, we will construct, design and install it to fulfill your current and future requirements.

Let’s understand it clearly:

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling is a broad system of design and installation of cables that delivers predictable and high performance infrastructure which is flexible, meet future needs and expectation of business communications.It enables information to flow from voice and data to wireless connection continuously. As you know your cabling system has a longer lifecycle may be fifteen to twenty years unlike other components of your IT environment, so proper planning is important and critical. It has crucial impact on organizations cabling network as it helps in increasing performance level of cabling network.

Benefits of structured cabling:

  • Simple:With the help of structured or organized cabling system you can achieve simple and straightforward cable network.In almost every office environment, several kind of devices are being used at the same time. So, running everything from one single system will eliminates the complexity level of having multiple or numerous wiring infrastructures in that place. For instance, if a problem occurs, we can easily identify the issue and resolve it with the help of structured network cabling.
  • Low risk of downtime:Any work performed manually may lead to high risk and mistakes in unstructured cabling structures. It may cause network downtime and disruption in workflow. Hence, with the help of structured cabling faults can be identified and rectified easily and quickly.
  • Cost effective:It is a cost-effective solution for smoothly running your business. As it is very simple cabling system, helps in reducing maintenance and power costs, and exclude the time and money spent on resolving any issues.
  • Investment for future:It is one of the most significant benefits of structured cabling. In today’s competitive market changes is vital and quick to meet market requirements. Hence, if you want to retain your existing customers and also want to acquire new customers, your business needs a centralized data which helps in quick development of new services.

By using properly installed system and cable network your requirements of today and future will be catered for and whatever different hardware you want to add will be supported.


Optical fiber is a thin strand usually made of glass or plastic through which data is transmitted using light pulses. Transmitting data via fiber optic communication is usually prefer to use metal wires because then signals will be able to travel with minimum or less losses. Electromagnetic interference cannot effect optical fiber.

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Advantage of using optic fiber solution?

  • Its cost effective and economical
  • It is very thin and also non-flammable
  • It will consume less power
  • There will be less degradation in signal
  • It’s very flexible and also lightweight


Wherever you will place your document on the scan window scanning will starts automatically. The penta scanner contains three different type of light sources i.e. ultraviolet, visible and infrared. Your image can be adjusted automatically, such as cropped and rotate, hence provides you the best result for further document authentication with the help of additional software

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