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SECURITY solutions

We provide different Security solutions which are explained below

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It can be possible that internal security incidents would be costlier compared to an attack from any kind of external incidents, and mostly they succeed due to the internal knowledge of the corporation. Now a day we hear most of the newsrelated to security incidents such as worms, attacks, identity theft etc. Due to this most of the organizations spends the major part of their security budget in protecting their network against different kind of threats that are emerging rapidly on the Internet.As a result of this many organizations somehow ignores the possibilities of an internal threat.

Hence, if someone wants to secure their organization against various internal incidents, it is very important to understand what it actually is? An internal incident takes placeif a resource within the organization is actually used in the attack. Internal attacks can done by anyone, maybefrom contractor, employee or some third party support technician who is responsible for running the software or makes some unwanted changes that possess a negative impact on a particular organization. Many of the bitter workers having thein depth knowledge of the organization may cause damages to the company’s reputation, financial status and intellectual property.

Hence, we can clearly say that security is most important in all aspects of any kind of organization. So neglecting any singlearea can lead to major lossfor any organization

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Now in the world of digitization we all know itis very difficult to protect our confidential information. In order to protect or secure our data from hackers and unauthorized using only traditional passwords or keys are not at all enough. Hence, it can be possible with biometric security which can effectively transform the technology sector. Actually biometric authentication devices uses unique biological traits, such as fingerprints and voice recognition, to authenticate and identify a person uniquely.

This works in following manner, firstly a person’s unique characteristic record is captured and then that is kept in a database. Secondly, whenever there will be requirement of identification verification, a new record will be captured and then it will be compared with the previous record which is already kept in the database. Finally it will be checked that if the data in the new record is matching with the data which is already placed in the database record, it will be confirmed that the person’s identity is correct.

It will also possess biometric feature of tracking the employee in and out time and lots more.



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Astek Networking & solution was established in 1996 as computer hardware vendor in Agra.

Adapting changes in IT word and requirements we keep on upgrading our solution basket & in year 2002 we quit completely from PC Business & convert into a 100% solution based company.

Since then, we have been catering to the ever-increasing demand of quality network communication products & services, Server infrastructure, Internet security, and various IT solutions in Agra.

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